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Canon is 1D3 Nikon is the D3X body is more than 50 thousand. Are currently top of the fully slr. But it's not the most expensive. Because he was still above in the frame of the Pentax 645D. And Hasselblad, Leica, Sinar, luxury brands. 1D3 collocation Dasanyuan 16-35mmf2.8 24-70mmf2.8 70-200mmf2.8IS (this is the famous white lens, love dead white and the head is the main outdoor portrait, travel is not easy, one is too heavy, and the other is no wide-angle inconvenience. The three lens covers a 16-200mm the most commonly used focal length, almost meet the needs of 90 bent long short iodine Yan towers healed Flos farfarae% of photography. With some three tripod flash photography bag accessories etc.. Just over 100 thousand. D3X collocation in the three 14-24mmf2.8 24-70 70-200 (Nikon called small bamboo cannon) the three lenses and accessories, as over 10 million. Both of them are of the same quality. These are top shots, and they are all good. Very expensive. the other two have the same parameters of the lens, or a similar focal segment of the fixed focus. For example, Canon's 50f1.2 85f1.2 135f2 200f2 35f1.4 14f2.8. These lenses are top of the fixed focus. Prices are on the tens of thousands. These are super large aperture lens, whether outside or inside are coke coke so that one can't go wrong. Is the dream of the lens ah.
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Canon Canon/ EOS 1Ds MARK III 50000 5000
Canon/ Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L down IS II USM 15000 plus a lot of one thousand
 guns, this is one of the most representative of the lens, lens commonly used little expensive than he was, the more refined the more professional SLR camera, in other words, the scope of the more advanced lens the use of more narrow, take a mirror world it is
 long and short iodine strengths around three thousand lens Yan - all from
Nikon/ Nikon D3X 55000 5000
 Nikon 70-200f/2.8G VR plus II 16000 written on the floating 1500

 lens of course there are more expensive 600mm long-range lens around 70000~80000 ~ see you mean a

 the 200000 guy down, no problem
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