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Master professional entry-level full frame SLR Canon 1DX 5D3 6D, the key is the quality of the lens?
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Nissan SLR flagship is thirty thousand or forty thousand, in the frame of the other, 600D is the entry of residual picture machine.
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70600 yuan. Canon
 1Ds Mark III (28-300mm)
 market price!  Canon 600D is an entry-level model.  Canon's most high-end to 70 thousand yuan or so hello
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According to the official Canon products division, 600D entry-level APSC frame body. % a canon, Nikon and other Japanese brands to produce small frame professional photography products, main direction is the need for rapid response to news photography, product line is in accordance with the needs of news photography to divide, the top of the fuselage price at around 4 million yuan. %a%a need to pay attention to is that a lot of branch of photography, news photography and can not be regarded as the mainstream. As a photographer with no very rapid response to demand, can the Japanese brand of the fuselage is divided into the APSC frame and 135 format (full frame). Higher levels of the same frame body has more sturdy body, bigger capacity of the battery, the faster the continuous shooting speed, faster autofocus module, shoulder screen, double roller and brighter larger viewfinder... These costs are not cheap to improve almost all the news photography, for most photographers, there is no significant meaning. % in addition to the current digital fuselage "hundreds of thousands of super goods or less of, extensive use of commercial photography in the frame body are basically in the 20 million yuan.
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SLR users of the technical requirements are relatively high. Without a certain level of technology, it is better to take the full automatic card.
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