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Entry; second. Pentax K30 with DAL18-55WR, , image stabilization, continuous 6 /6000 seconds. Shutter 1http3000 less than it. anti dripping antifreeze, may be more attention to cost-effective. can control other manufacturers, to make their own judgments
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SLR camera is the first choice for photography enthusiasts, the new generation of entry-level SLR, not only has excellent quality performance, fast focusing system, the performance of the video is also very good. For beginners who love photography, regardless of the performance or lens, accessories, as well as the cost of resources, the entry-level SLR is the most appropriate choice. Canon 100D has a lot of micro single camera does not have the advantage. For example, good handling and optical viewfinder let it power endurance than most micro camera to good, battery time is long, which during the trip but a key indicator. Travel in the light of the camera is not good, still have to operate comfortably, the film is good, the most important is the battery with a durable. Using a 1800 million pixel CMOS sensor Canon 600D, sensor size is 22.3 x 14.9 mm and is currently one of the highest pixels in the entry end SLR models, maximum support shoot photos of 5184 x 3456 pixels. With a 18 million pixel sensor with Canon is proud of the DIGIC 4 high performance processor, can get a very good picture quality. Nikon d3200 machine is small in size, weighing only 455G, the engineering plastic material body is also a continuation of the tradition of entry-level SLR Nikon, the whole plastics strong, feel. D3200 also adhering to the Nikon this year's "downsizing" of the characteristics of the logo on the handle to change into a small red line, this "downsizing" also allows D3200 to highlight the simple style.
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If you consider the cost of late with the lens, it is recommended to buy Canon D6xx and other entry series, Canon lens group is relatively cheap.
 Nikon series is the main advantage of the price of the same price lower body. Recommended Nikon D3xxx series.
 SONY is currently single power series is relatively excellent, video recording in two before the superior brand. The disadvantage is that the latter part of the lens, then the cost is relatively high. Recommended nex series, or a5xx series.
 these several prices are currently under the basic 5K, belong to the entry-level.
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And have a wider than the focus range finder. This technology will change the real-time display captured traditional cognitive, when enabled LCD monitor real-time display of shooting, reduce repeated search focus the possibility of (also is we often say that the bellows), will bring CMOS image plane high speed phase detection autofocus, so that the LCD monitor has become the second "viewfinder" largely improved focus speed Canon EOS 70D is equipped with dual pixel CMOS AF (full pixel CMOS AF dual core) embodies the new EOS technology, greatly improve the speed of focus can be obtained with using the viewfinder close focusing speed
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