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Canon does not have 60D D60, home to see you have a good impression of the brand, with the car is the same, BMW Mercedes Benz is the choice of the brand that that, according to your own situation, as for the lens do? Or choose a 18-200 lens is better, the lens is a mirror walking the world 60d (18-200) is 7900 licensed, the d7000 (18-200) licensed is licensed 10900, if with brand have 18-200 down so you can left some money
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Canon 60d, right? D60 looks like Nikon. The focus of the best not too long, the impact of quality
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D71000 bar to choose the head of 16-85
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Hello,%d%a first to give you a simple say, you want to compare the D7000 and 60D, right? %d%a Canon 60d (18-135) and Nikon d7000 (18-105)%d%a you to first look at the appearance of their favorite, 60d slightly larger, the d7000 metal body looks simple and honest. %d%a Canon and Nikon's imaging color a little bit different, their home Chinese people's skin suggest that you use Nikon, some people say that Nikon according to people, according to Canon, said Canon is soft, Nikon sharp. Chinese people's skin suggest that you use Nikon, play for some time you will understand. Two manufacturers of small difference between the two is%8-105 and 135 difference and little change, usually do not feel out, the common focal length is about 50, maximum zoom and are too small is of little significance, 135 than 105 according to the distance is not recommended considered as influencing factors. %d%a price changes at any time, it is recommended that you look at the city of Zhongguancun, online as a reference, the Jingdong as a reference to the actual payment price. %d%a to say under the main point, the d7000 focusing speed is fatal blow 60d, general salesperson to sell you the 60d will not give you try, I suggest you find a machine really...
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