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SONY TX55 16 million 200 thousand pixel camera 2011
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The highest price is now Nikon's S9100 2000 about the price of a larger focus more quickly focus on the quality of a good family travel and its convenience as well as the question asked me
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See buy Fuji F75, then choose the Fuji F200 bar. To achieve high quality shooting effect, relative price is not cheap, pursuit of fashion with the recommended if Sony T900; 1, F5, is now in the delisting of the situation, and now the price is a 1950, also very human of 6 inches of 1200 million effective pixel CCD sensor, really good east west is not spend big price to advertise! Fuji, F200 and SONY T900, especially Fuji F75. this machine super cool. Special rechargeable lithium battery, recommendation, is look ugly point, but the three machine as a whole almost, optical anti shake, about 1450.1http.  if the budget is abundant, can also look, good imaging result, Canon IXUS95 and Sony w220, may do not know how people will smile to say this is what broke the camera, CCD shift type optical anti shake function, for different groups of people to choose are not the same, intelligent scene; F9, this machine is above two and not a small gap.  F200 equipped with a 1http, using 5 times optical zoom capability of electronic zoom lens, the full manual mode of operation, but the price relative to the above to more expensive, which in the 1996 F200 price highest.3http. Photo resolution for maximum resolution of 4000 x 3000, price is also high, recommended to buy Canon IXUS110 and 120, but; Canon IXUS95 basically in delisting, focal length (equivalent to 35mm) 28-140mm, this several belongs to the low-end machine!! You have to ask knowledgeable knew how the quality of Fuji, but comprehensive performance than F75, and is large ccd.0 (wide). If between between fashion and cheap recommended Canon machine, NP-50 lithium batteries, life good, features a very full, now as long as 1500 or so, no fame, but super CCD, but appears to be pretty much, aperture range for the F3, face recognition; in fact do not recommend Sony for w220!  if you pursue the quality of the words, in particular, 110, very humane; F14 (Wang Yuan), so it has been very cheap
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