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Results after opening did not appear below the text, note the red font part, and no options.Camera_preferences preferences. Enter alternate voice will still show the original one, to go in to see the 2. returned on a level menu will find a copy. 6.app1.xml (press the text. This text, must be modified to be effective) 4 &quot, the shutter sound is set to 3 data&#92.android, the path data&#92.sec; is automatically set off; used to edit the file open mode com, 3; COM, 1" pull down will have the option of); 1 (or 2/pref_setup_shuttersound_key&quot.sec; 3. exit and click Save; (I had set the shutter sound is 1.app.camera&#92, 2, to see inside the camera shutter sound there is not already automatically set to "off"; shared_prefs&#92, changed to 3 after the sound; 3) to 0 open RE manager, copy delete. 5 must be equipped with the RE manager step. Advanced into the camera; value=&quot: 1.android. phone must be ROOT2
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1, camera sound off, the premise must be root, not root at the forum posts. 2, RE manager (RootExplorer) find and open system, such as below 3, find and long in build.prop, read-only mode is set to edit mode. 4, select the "text editor" open find   & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ro.camera.sound.forced=1 changed into   & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ro.camera.sound.forced=0, as shown in figure & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;   & nbsp; & nbsp; then click "save exit". 5, restart the phone, then the phone is set to silent mode, and then start the camera to take pictures, the camera is no sound.
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The roots of the method is right, I came to add the first two steps is the English version of the method. ROOT2. must be provided with RE manager%d%a%d%a%d%a%d%a%d%a steps:%. Advanced into the camera, the shutter sound is set to 3; (I originally set the shutter sound 1 and outcomes after open does not appear below the text, change for sound 3, to go in to see the%. To open re manager, path Datadatacom.sec.android.app.camerashared_prefs prefs. Mobile phone. Long press text / open with/ text editor%. put & quot; pref setup Pref_setup_shuttersound_key&quot Pref_setup_shuttersound_key" value=" 1" in 1 (or 2 / 3) changed to 0. (note red font part, we must modify the text to be effective)%d%a 4. Exit and click Yes. %d%a 5 returned to the first level menu will find a copy of the copy deleted. %d%a 6 to complete, to the camera inside to see if there is no shutter sound is automatically set to "off", to enter the replacement sound will still show the original 1, 2, 3, this is automatically set to off...
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