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Cube, Jinshan = = I have used my computer in the garbage is always clean, 360, but did not alleviate the problem

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Download too many things, not in time to clean up
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The next hard disk detection software to check the hard disk
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If it is so, see CPU there is not half an hour is very hot, if is disassembling and cleaning, not for XP system to try, win7 high demands on the hardware and feel win7 use is not always smooth
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1 bought in November last year did not have a shelf life, to find out the reasons for after-sales service. (recommended)
2. clean up the dust, when the system driver with the official website, killing the Trojan virus, using hardware detection tool to check the hardware of the temperature is abnormal, hard disk if there is a problem.  I see your memory has 2, you pull down a look at
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