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Mainly to see where the circuit breaker, for example, and metal contact, or to check the various joints there is no bending, etc..
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The processing method is as follows: 1 will pull out the memory with the eraser wipe check screen pin is plugged in. 2 remove the battery, unplug the power supply, and then put on the battery and power to try (every step to do in place carefully) try. 3 main board may have been damaged, for one or more to repair can be.
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 bare metal can be bright, then I suggest you to touch panels, and other cable a a pick up boot until after

 then the cover C put up don't lock screw
 re boot
 if possible. A a pick up and then boot, no better
 Yang, teacher busy answering
 probably until the meet that cannot boot components should where is met
 lock the screw can open basic
 not disrelish a trouble
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