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Not installed certainly can not be used anymore. This is difficult to say, to find the set of management, may be a hardware problem. you to download a driver wizard detection, such as drive installed wrong like, look at the card there is installed or not. if normal. In fact, it is not excluded system error created, you point my computer right click properties, uh. questions, please ask, your laptop wireless network whether to drive installed. first
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To the maintenance station to detect the network card is not a problem
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Suggested you try to update the wireless network card driver, and then test wireless LAN switch work:%d%a (wireless LAN switch at the upper left corner of the keyboard, (|) sign): open%d%a wireless network card switching, the indicating lamp is usually blue; wireless LAN switch is closed, the lights usually orange;%. If the wireless network card switch can not normally open or closed, can try recovering BIOS default test: boot click F10 to enter the BIOS, choose file option, choose restore to Defaults--yes (if you have previously done in the BIOS settings, the need to re set the options and before). Then choose File--Save changes and Exit--yes. %d%a%d%a find HP notebook corresponding driver software or method:%. Login HP official website: www.hp.com.cn;%. Enter the support and drivers ", click the" driver program and software download ";. Input compaq511, click on the" search ";. Choose the laptop installation of the operating system, click" next ". %d%a%d%a more product information and after-sales technical support...
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