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The point of S so LZ to understand WOW analysis are summarized as follows: firstly the test machine is the main memory (2) so you look down your memory if the XP system 512 VISTA 20Fhttp.. to less than 1G!. said a damn Korea stick down; S estimation is not what strange things recommended by . (key 1); the band but not 20Fhttp. first say Japan and Chinese recently is good we do not hitherto unknown. ) if the above scheme does not only try to real LZ game resolution vision effect down..!: LZ CPU WOW has no problem with the exclusion of out of the motherboard &quot.5G 2G (VISTA) graphics recommend more useless. I don't know NEC and motherboard huandddanga It in the XP system 1g (1!. rich graphics suggestions for a you a little old recommended for NVIDIA DeForce 8600 or HD 3650 price probably in about 900 (this is a very good price you actually spend 400 buy a HD2600 Pro enough) but your motherboard.; accommodate & quot for memory bc
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Not a graphics card. Change the graphics bar sapphire HD3870 is a good graphics card
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This is the problem of the display. Low brush frequency display.
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The reason is Japanese estimation..
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