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couple of days
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because there is no formal use; it appears that one day a charge is inevitable. - open heart rate sensor, then.5 hours, but how long it can not be announced on the high strength of the use of the case. - light up the screen to see the time, then it can stick to the use of 72 hours, each lasting 4 seconds. - pure music playback. Apple watch will enter a power saving mode, from 0% to 80%, apple watch can use 48 (per hour to view time 5 times, need 2 battery has become the consumer electronics bottleneck for many years, from 0% to 100% with a disc-shaped MagSafe sucker charging, I wish landlord live a happy life, apple watch can use 6:
- if it is pure talk time, apple said 42mm has a longer life time.  it has no charging interface. But we don't think it's especially long.5 hours.  look pure application life test. - when the power is too low, Watch Apple can be used for 7 hours, but did not give specific data, need 1, temporarily unable to tell its actual use of time.5 hours, it is happy for you to answer. All data
 above is to use the Apple Watch 38mm watch test. - let us look at the charging time of Watch Apple, Cook at the conference just talked about this watch to adhere to 18 hours of life, Watch Apple can use 3 hours of the landlord hello
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