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Yes, it seems that the system is ios8 or above
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Landlord Hello, overall Apple watch function, or more, of course, the key is to see you what function to use, if Apple watches with no network connection, it can only do some simple activities, for example, calculator, touch, see pictures.
 [ask]: what function does it support? Emergency??
 [a]: if once connected to the network, it supports the function is more and more, it can support: to answer the phone, making phone calls, GPS navigation, collect information, send messages, receive mail, email, payment (pay), can satisfy people's daily needs.
 [ask]: how do you connect to the Internet? Emergency??  
 [answer]: to let the apple watch connection network, the premise must first meet the following two conditions, one of the conditions is not a little oh.  
 [1]: the Apple phone must is apple more than 5 models, to Apple watches were paired connection. For example, apple 5, apple 5C, 5S apple, Apple 6, apple 6plus, a total of five models, just what a.  
 [2]: in addition to meet the first condition, but also must be Apple's mobile phone system version to reach 8.2 or higher, in order to connect with the apple watch pairing.  
 [ask]: how does that match? Emergency??  
 [answer]: to show the iPhone and apple watch paired, a total of the following two methods, casually which can be oh.  
 1: please open the Apple phone Wi Fi wireless network, then the Bluetooth open, open again according to the mobile phone prompt steps to carry on the operation.  
: please read the apple mobile phone to wear set flat widow Zhuang stem hold open sucking platinum by flow networks (3G, 4G), then again the Bluetooth open, after the opening there are tips, then according to the prompt steps of operation can be [from: OK California 99].
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