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I feel you if not all day playing with the phone inos1.5 - 2, days is certainly no problem, I yesterday morning 10 point after charging, began to use, white sky a QQ, QQ browser see the news for a while, to play for a while the camera, did not call. Yesterday evening to be a night of the machine, squatting toilet this morning and saw 20 minutes of news, just look at the remaining%72 of electricity, from the boot up to now there are 23 hours. I feel it is very awesome of the battery. So finally get I remember the first time to hurry to the battery without electricity XB charging, then to the rest of about 30% of electricity, I have put the video is itself with a period of 3 minutes of video, I will play after, until I play tired, also not is finished, I see there are more than 20% of electricity, I was too lazy to put, the second day and to be a secret, 8 in the evening, I see there are% of electricity, I began to play the video consumption, this time as I wish, finished, 3100 Ma battery is really not jealous.
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But the push is not necessarily the early Le.3 system, you can go to brush 4.3 try to be able to use gear, note3 sales will not go up, the official news is the end of 12 at the end of, Note2 if synchronized to 4
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