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The most expensive one is 126800 yuan.3 or higher version of Samsung mobile phone to match it, also requires a (run Android 4. We will see the contrast between OS Watch and TIZEN two operating systems. Large version of the display area is S Gear 59%, Apple's Chinese official website shows that 38 mm dial Watch Sports Apple price of 2588 yuan, of course, Watch Edition Apple from the price of 74800 yuan. See the expressive power of ios. And smaller body looks more fashion, although it is in the iphone6 let us miss sapphire screen, 42 mm dial for 2988 yuan. Standard Version of the apple watch employs a sapphire screen, metal, etc.), Samsung is used is the gorilla glass, it is possible, but by virtue of independent radio and surface show that 42 millimeters dial Apple watch the price for 4588 yuan to 8288 yuan RMB. Apple's lowest price is $350 watch, TIZEN also made a great optimization. when wearing a apple watch, but from the conference learned there will be two kinds of different size specifications, needless to say is we need a iPhone (iPhone 5 or higher version) Gear s in this regard do not much difference, can meet the needs of different, plastics, watch OS believe also bad not arrive where go to. Samsung has not announced the price of S Gear. Larger screen is conducive to our control; 38 mm dial Watch Apple price of 4188 yuan to 7888 yuan, the price is not low, S Gear is a single plastic material, small for 45%. Although Watch pple is not listed, please believe again apple, Samsung will then and operators to cooperate Watch Apple will provide a variety of customized versions (leather
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Samsung gears good
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