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Mobile phone has prompted to connect USB but how can not find the computer side of my apple 4S can not identify the same other Android machines can be online and so thank you I currently use LUMIA930 brush 10 can not be used at all

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1, install the NOKIA PC suite Nokia_Suite_webinstaller_ALL 3.8.30. 2 after installation, right click on the first 920T------- update drive the browsing the computer to find the drive software ------- from computer equipment drive program list select program -------- the. 3, remove the display compatible hardware -------- hook selection Nokia------ select Nokia windows portable device driver installation.
4, this time installed by, in the "computer" see Nokia windows portable device driver, double-click to open, is not nothing, and two 920t hardware does not solve it. 5, solution: find directory of WinUsb source path "c:windowssystem32DriverStoreFileRepository Winusb.inf_x86_neutral_6cb50ae9f480775b x86 neutral Winusb.inf_x86_neutral_6cb50ae9f480775b" to Winusb.sys copy files to "C: windowsinf" directory, and under. 6, again, update the second 920T--------- click device manager driver --------- automatic search update driver software, installed OK; in the same way, the third 920T--------- click device manager update driver --------- automatic search update driver software, complete the installation unplug USB phone line to access, this device manager will appear as follows three hardware. 7, so far, the "computer" can also be seen in the Phone Windows.
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