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Hello, is lumia620, W Hai Cui Lei Da Ji fermentation method to a leaky P8 system is a new experience, software interface, simple and clean, looked very comfortable. 620 said the store has been discontinued, all out of stock, a small shop and the sale price in 1200+
, the purchase of 620, not sure whether the original authentic, do not work for it is a good choice to buy 520
 actually recommended the purchase of 820, the performance of more than 520620 superior, the price is slightly higher in 1800+ about 2000+
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Thank you for your interest in NOKIA Lumia620. Lumia62 mobile phone equipped with Microsoft Windows Phone8 operating system, 1GHZ processor and 512MB of memory to run; the Wyatt screen display technology, can clearly display the sun; in the full version of Office software, preloaded with NOKIA map, NOKIA, NOKIA, NOKIA car city kaleidoscope music exclusive service software, and support for memory expansion; mobile phone the app store download support many applications (such as: QQ, WeChat, micro-blog, Youku, mobile phone TV, UC browser, 51 ring, AE Fruit Slash, Master fishing (fruit ninja), a war in the end, the show was still pure yeast Lei Hai FA Xi to show, and leakage etc.) constantly updated. You can go to the nearest NOKIA store experience.  on the Lumia620 mobile phone price information please consult the Zibo city NOKIA authorized stores, you can query the following URL in Shandong city of Zibo province NOKIA authorized store address: http://www.mynokiachina.com/area-store/inquires.html province= shandongsheng&city=ziboshi?.
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