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Listening to music can also be heard 10 hours (with earphone case) to play the game is not enough, a picture of a piece of flip is very beautiful, tablet PC, download. Electricity is very much because I also use the.3 screen is very atmospheric. This mobile phone out definitely give you a long face than apple 4 to pull the wind. My friends see me this machine are surprised to say "I rely on, the store to buy now 2000 (with groove) to write, confidential cheaper! I think it's good for electricity. 800W pixel auto focus, the hardware configuration is not said, some people say that CPU is not good. Do not change the number of the number of I suggest you buy a number of machine. I also use, is the world's first 4G phone, but in general, CDMA is a high pass CPU. Very powerful.7 version of the QQ 4, then you can use the stand-by condition for a day and a half. Chat QQ is not how to charge electricity, 1GHZ's main frequency I believe enough. Really cool such evaluation of your heart will not be comfortable, especially like idle desktop can put the album set to the desktop first of all, I want to tell you this machine domestic not listed is customized sprint, an American firm, 153. Ha ha.133 number can be used I personally feel that HTC good machine is very good, such a large mobile phone
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This motorcycle without machine card is to write, I used in the machine selected Evo 4G can choose the card version so chose Evo 4G configuration motorcycle stronger but changing the card too much trouble ah each have the advantages of their own choice
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HTC Evo 4G advantage is to support the so-called 4G network, but in China, the 3G are not popular places, without any practical significance, the other two machine almost, but later listed in the droid X and Motorola's top product, single in terms of performance than the evo 4G is stronger.
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Strong, strong, two are good, good price is expensive, but after you buy these, you will think that they simply do not use, just a whim!
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Moto mobile phone camera is not clear, the screen is not bright enough. Description MOTO display technology is not powerful enough. Huandddangabc I use the XT883, the milestone 3.
 just hand, but not as good as imagined.
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Of course, Motorola, X Droid Motorola's top products, a single performance is better than 4G evo.
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