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In line: wear flat with strong hold angle is the platinum hair articles licensed machine, enjoy three bags in customer service.  Hong Kong Hongkong licensed, because NOKIA is now implementing UNPROFOR in Greater China, so Hong Kong machines only relies on the effective purchase certificate (such as invoice) in the mainland can also enjoy the unprofor.
 and in the back country guild network license, Hong Kong is not attached to the
, nothing on the other, the difference in price, Hong Kong is cheaper than China,
 Hong Kong machine fonts are traditional, or recommend buying a state bank, in the mainland or three package policy comparative advantage
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You'd better go to the identification, identification of NOKIA and NOKIA customer service center, customer service center, is a licensed mainland licensed, is in the domestic legal sales of mobile phone, Quanguolianbao, cargo to Hong Kong and Hong Kong Hong Kong is Hongkong water sales in the domestic mobile phone, Hong Kong can Quanguolianbao warranty! Port water are generally sent to other countries to sell mobile phone! In all the same, just do not buy water port customer service service!
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This mobile phone serial number, help you see
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The line is simplified Chinese, our goods will have written font is the traditional port, goods not customer service, customer service can not go to enjoy the service, you can go to the customer service they know at a glance,
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