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Personally feel that NOKIA is now no need to buy! How can love system! Mobile machine
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SIM card type, WCDMA, LTE (foreign support
 network type Hello: 4: multimode
 screen size: 1GB
ROM single card capacity:
 network mode: 1536MHz dual core
 battery capacity! 5; perfect night shoot artifact hope to adopt 3
; beautiful appearance and excellent workmanship; 4
NOKIA map navigation artifact:Micro SIM
 card memory card: 2000mAh battery is not removable
 rear camera pixel: Qualcomm snapdragon Snapdragon MSM8260A
CPU frequency: GSM! : support
 capacity expansion advantages of
.5 inch 1280x768 pixel
CPU model:
WP8 system operation experience is good; 2
 screen display and can be good to wear gloves:870 megapixel
 operating system: Windows phone 8
RAM capacity! The following 920 parameters of NOKIA
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Nothing to say, I feel good with PHS? Huandddangabc only fit, not what you did not say how
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The 920 is NOKIA and Microsoft for the high-end market for the full%d%a%20 WindowsPhone8 system, the system smooth operation is one of the advantages of this system, its smoothness comparable to IPhone does not crash this concept in the WP system, even the boot speed also reach a high speed, the average start-up time is only 1.5-4 seconds more convenient connected to the computer, do not need to install other software. The WindowsPhone8 devices connected to the computer will automatically recognize a " call WindowsPhone" equipment can be directly into the music or video synchronization before%d%a%d%a prospective, WP8 software has exceeded 120 thousand now is still in rapid growth, although not Android but commonly used software main game a lot. The future can be transferred to computer software in mobile phone using%d%a%d%a on the 920 screen, 920 screen, NOKIA is ultra sensitive touch screen pen and nail almost any object just touch it, ultra high resolution 1280*768, outdoor keeneyed display, and gorilla hanging proof glass. The camera megapixel camera, built-in function, function of smile recognition, intelligent collective wisdom smile capture, moving objects...
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