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Lumia 920 in Hong Kong or Hong Kong can support 4G and 4G network, domestic fast. State line seems not to be. Xbox L

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Lumia920 China is China Unicom custom machine, the rest of the same country; for the hardware configuration in addition to support different frequency bands, and the cargo not, also have Xbox exclusive game, Hong Kong goods do not support (simply means that the cargo does not necessarily support, 4G); in line has xbox live, the international version of the bare metal will not be listed in the mainland, such as China for built-in NOKIA firewall to filter and phone information, will only provide a customized version of mobile and unicom. In addition; Air China store can not change the first use of domestic area will be TD-LTE, and the flagship store will not have that grey; software, more in line with people's habits, support lumia920T
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