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CPU do not count it, t is the slowest, the performance is the same, the biggest difference is that the update has not be what difference
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Please consult the Hongkong NOKIA customer service hotline: //www: about Hongkong's sale of Lumia920 mobile phone information, you can use Unicom 3Ghttp? Action=productcompareaction&products=1876664-1998794#environment, can use the mobile 3Ghttp.com/cn-zh/phones/compare/.nokia. The results you can also understand the two models of mobile phone through the following URL; China Unicom 2G network (GSM)? Action=productcompareaction&products=1876664-1998794#environment "target=" _blank ">http, the difference is Lumia920 (Unicom custom machine) to support China Unicom 3G network and mobile http.com/cn-zh/phones/compare/.nokia://www (WCDMA) 2G Micro; SIM card (cards) and mobile 2G Micro card and SIM, respectively a network operator characteristic identification and the corresponding case pre installed software (pre installed software can be deleted); 2G Micro SIM 2G Micro SIM and China Unicom card card; China Unicom 2G network (GSM); and Lumia920T (mobile custom machine) to support mobile 3G and mobile http network (TD-SCDMA) thank you for your interest in NOKIA Lumia920: 00852-21366338
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