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recommends that you use the original charger for charging the mobile phone, such as the use of mobile phone frequently or at the time of network signal instability.Baidu charging. Thank you for your support for NOKIA
!  welcome you again to the Baidu NOKIA enterprise platform questions! Thank you for using the NOKIA Lumia620 mobile phone, to avoid the charge and discharge at the same time the.Baidu.com/c/nokia/ "target=" _blank ">http://zhidao, shorten the charging time of mobile phone, the proposed closure of network data upload or download data connection, use need to refer to the user and the network location of the coverage on the standby time of the mobile phone
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Turn off the background task in signal stability under the condition of turn off the data connection or WLAN links the screen dim light. This is my 920 said before is half a day now. 3.-4 less filling and filling root under a few with those that are the first second virtual power already filled with so few full charge
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You do what 3,4 hours using a mobile phone
 mobile phone for how long
 new or used
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