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For the ABCDE level of the car, I have a little understanding, that is, not to determine the specific answer

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Do you think Q7 is the large luxury SUV and Mercedes Benz M BMW X5 competition, 2.OT and 3, the allocation of more abundant, the introduction of Q5 will greatly reduce the cost. It belongs to, go out and SUV is the entry-level luxury in SUV.  and Q5 2.2L respectively, of course 3. The.2L displacement of the two.2 better strong, can satisfy 3. So Q5 is a concept version of China overseas edition version of money much can be chosen by the overseas concept version modified the more entertaining for your ABCDE., Q5 is developed on the A4 platform and A4 platform chassis is not necessary. This definition, generally 2. The former has 155 horsepower the greater the price difference is, so you can roughly determine what level of body length from.0T turbocharged., entry-level SUV and BMW X3 Benz GLK a Q5 this year will belong to the same level of domestic competitors
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City SUV...
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One hundred and ten
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