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Umia920T connected computer system XP.Aspx://www.com/zh-cn/download/details. If they meet the above conditions is not normal to connect to the.Microsoft://www, you can download the.Microsoft from the Microsoft website, you can from Windows Update or manually from the Microsoft website to download.Com/zh-cn/download/details.com/zh-cn/download/details.com/zh-cn/download/details: http.microsoft, you can turn off the computer anti-virus software and firewalls? Id=8163://www:1? Id=24
2.microsoft, install the latest Microsoft Windows Media Player 11://www on the computer, then restart the computer can be connected. First? Id=8163 "target=" _blank ">http, restart the computer and mobile phone, update device driver, install the latest Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 on a computer operating system, need to meet the following conditions. Secondly, the replacement of the USB interface to try.Aspx
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Simply download the NOKIA suite at NOKIA official website, for the rest of the things look at page dry, opens the mobile phone data cable connected to the computer
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Advise you to change a data line
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