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Don't know how to move now, there is no official message, the message is now known as lumia920T price 4599 contract price 4199, there is no specific contract information, listing date is December 16th. Some provinces and cities Suning support a predetermined price between 4599~4399, is the T version or the ordinary version of Public opinions are divergent. X Bao NOKIA flagship store to accept reservations, 99 yuan booking, 11 days before the complete balance, the current price is unknown, unknown unknown time, color (black and white is some other, unknown). The version of WCDMA version. There are promotions, but there has been No. Huandddangabc mobile official should appear in the next week or so, you can wait and see. Huandddangabc pure hand, hope that the latest news

, Fujian and Gansu mobile Internet business hall has begun booking service, 4099 in Fujian and 4599 in Gansu send 600 calls. Huandddangabc
 to give the best pro.
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The pre-sale of the model is not officially released yesterday, China Mobile customized version of Lumia 920T, ahead of the scheduled customers will receive including wireless charging base and Tmall red envelopes and other concessions, NOKIA Tmall official flagship store is being held Lumia 920 scheduled activities. Huandddangabc is currently in the Tmall NOKIA official flagship store can be scheduled 920 Unicom version of the mobile phone, purchase price is 99 yuan, but Lumia 920 bare metal, as of press time have been pre-sale 876 Lumia 920
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Should be very fast.
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You can do it now
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