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Finally, select the brush to get this horrible reset problem

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Good advice, please adopt direct brush machine
. If not, please try a few times, that while holding down the power button and volume keys forced to restart the mobile phone to try. In view of the fact that you have around 8 hours, cool seven network wp8 team for you to answer
 this is generally 8 hours
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Many mobile phone content Hi, recommended that you remove part of mobile phone applications and files in the mobile phone before you need to reset, reset the time will be longer
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The reset period not to restart, buckle plate, or a mobile phone easily bricked.  should pay attention to these problems and reset the ~~
1. delete files
2. mobile phone mobile phone electric
3. has been reset to keep your mobile phone for a long time, please connect the charger, waiting for. (the reset period is not charging, no electricity mobile phone will shut down, then charging, and then automatically reset
) please according to third points of patience to do, remember to say, don't interrupt reset. According to the above 3 general reset time is 3 minutes to 10 minutes, and I hope to help you.
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