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The extraction method, a computer is connected to the brush into the crack file; the other one is running on the mobile phone hacking software. Note: get root permission process at risk, the consequences universal mobile phone Androot run software to crack this kind of get root privileges software the effect varies depending on the "models", and the success rate is not high, think also know: in a mobile phone no root to ordinary permission to run software in an attempt to get root permission, the difficulty can be imagined. This kind of common software: Universal Androot website z4root website two software is software development enthusiasts, on the same forum, "the official website" is a post. You can download the registration forum. Can also be to pocket on the application exchange search download connected to the computer brush into the crack file this way the success rate is very high, use computers to deal with mobile phone is not a piece of cake! This approach, the same applies to most models. The most famous of the software is: superoneclick official website, or use third-party brush tool (bell pepper, Zhuo master, BRUSH ELF...
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The boot, then the Tencent mobile phone housekeeper (PC version) for Android
 Root, released a mobile phone with
 little storage.  no matter how to brush machine is risky:
 1. This software is also good
 pea pods. 3, put the SD card!  not one click root can be due to the following reasons guide
 induced, Tencent mobile Butler (PC) for Android temporarily
 is also does not support some models root. Download upd-1, GingerBreak
 etc. and official (e.g. htc
 and cable love, etc.) do the ROM protection of mobile phone, visionaryplus. The current mainstream key
ROOT software
Z4ROOT, all models in the ROOT permission to get
 when the operation points are not the same. 2, Root should be able to succeed, to search the Internet to download the software after the installation, there is no unified access to the
ROOT method, which will lead to the failure of
Root. If you want to help
 to hesitate. 5 can install some
 high authority of the software needs, UniversalAndroot, in accordance with the
 prompts can zip compressed files (to the Internet to find), of course, the choice is to make their own you
 so consequence is conceited, but it is a software running on a computer
 don't need decompression, can also delete the useless of system software
, more app2SD. You just find a
 into the upd-1. after the restart, mobile phone unlocked in the SD card in the directory, select the first
 (reboot system now). Wait will return to the original interface. root mobile phone has more shutdown permissions. 4, while holding down &quot, so open your computer connected to the data
 line, thank you.  following is a relatively common a method. Blue letters of the alphabet, the press about home
 key, use the volume keys selection to the
 second. Update from sdcard), at this time the need first to official mobile network
 station to download tools to unlock, on the success of the root of the, special ROM, press
home confirmation. Zip and press the home button:
 due to special
 some devices of the ROM and the system environment.  hope that these will help you, let the phone run faster. Unlock
 some phones in the production of the time.  2, to unlock the phone is currently on the Android phone:
1; home+ boot key &quot
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