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1, and Go

 Tap and Go Tap function to support the user through the NFC two Lollipop system of mobile phones, the old phone can be the need to back up all of the content, through the Bluetooth transmission to the new phone.
 2, Google OK voice command

 in the new system, Google OK voice search function to get further optimization. Regardless of your mobile phone is in extinguishing screen, you only need to on the phone said gently sound OK Google, phone instantly awakened. For example, when you say "OK Google and take a photo," Google OK, play some music, "and so on, the phone will according to the instruction to play music, photographs, to start the search, send SMS.
 3, tap to wake Double (double click on the wake-up device)

 similar to the Google OK voice commands, the user wake up the device is simply a simple double-click the screen. However, this feature in the Android 4.4 operating system, many of the domestic mobile phone which has been very common.
 4, ambient Display

 in the new release is equipped with Android lollipop system Google nexus 6 mobile phone, the function has been further reinforced by the -- when the notification or message arrival, in the phone lock screen can directly read the message. But the function of the system to achieve the required equipment configuration OLED display.
 5, unlock Face (face unlock)

 in the Lollipop system, Google spend great effort to optimize the face unlock feature. When the user picks up the phone to handle the message on the lock screen message notification, the face unlock feature will automatically be activated. Feel free to browse several messages, mobile phones have quietly completed the facial recognition, unlock is so simple!
 6, lock screen notifications (lock screen notifications Center) added to the new style of the notification system in Android

 lollipop, improved notification system will first set by the user of the important information, and will be less urgent hidden. Users only need to slide down to see all of the notification content, if it is text messaging, WeChat, you can then notify the column directly reply, very humane.
 7, priority mode (first mode)

 with priority mode, the user is to pick out the "disturb" app (the rest is not allowed to disturb ") allow. At the same time, set the duration of the model, the time after the system will automatically return to the normal state, to prevent users forget to close the Mode Priority mode to affect the normal use.
 8, guest mode (visitors) mode

 Android lollipop improved supports multiple user accounts, function, and for the mobile and tablet devices provides a new guest mode the visitor pattern. Mode Guest to each device users are provided with a safe and green disposable operating space, and can be at any time in the account guest (visitor accounts) to delete user data. Android system in the visitor mode first appeared in the LG tablet computer, its function is very user-friendly, such as mobile phones, flat to the child when the child is not sensible.
 9 pin apps (window)

 lollipop in setting the system provides a new function, in the multi task window, APP window to add pin locking code. As the name says, like a lock pin only when the app application, enter the correct password to exit the app interface. Although the iOS system with the Access Guided function is also very much like, but when the Mode Guest is used, it seems more simple and quick.
 10, Quick Settings Improved (improved fast setup)

 quick setup interface to get a better plan to improve, to optimize the user experience. Brightness adjustment becomes more flexible and intelligent, the default initial setting is the device's brightness level as the ambient light changes and the appropriate adjustment. At the same time, the volume adjustment slide bar also improved more humane, also provides a variety of message notification priority button.
 11, Overview (multi task list)

 multitasking window now has a new name Overview. In the interface, each app is a separate card, with a three-dimensional cascading effect, the user can set the recent application, through the slide to quickly switch app. The most noteworthy point is that, as a multi fork tree, in each of the app directory can continue to create multiple cards.
 12, Design

 Google Material re designed to flatten the Lollipop system UI, called Design Material. In June 26th this year, organized by the Ihttp; O 2014 developer conference, many people have been ahead of the taste of the Design Material excellent features. By now, it has been more optimized, such as adding different colors to the address book contacts. The new UI design, on the basic elements, drawing on the traditional printing design, from typography, grid system, space, scale, color and image, wake up the innovation in bold print. This initiative is undoubtedly increased the difficulty of domestic UI design and threshold.
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