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1, before the start, we need to first upgrade to the Watch iOS9.0 iPhone version can be upgraded to the Apple version. For how to upgrade the iOS9.0 to the iPhone operating method is not here, you can go online search related information.
2, then we need to install such a configuration file on the iPhone and Watch Apple, respectively.
3, this is an apple for the Watch Apple update test version with a configuration file.
4, when we were installed in the iPhone and Watch Apple after the next, then please open the Apple iPhone Watch on the application.
5, it is worth noting that, after the completion of the Watch Apple on the configuration file, you need to restart your watch.
6, then in my watch list, click the "general" column

7, then in the general list, click on the "software update" column, waiting for the detection of the current latest watch OS2.0 system version.
8, when detected, and then the same as the normal upgrade, click "download and install" on the good.
9, when the download is complete, you need to connect to the Watch Apple watch, and then you can update the watch. Since the current OS Watch 2 is a test version, there are many problems, so if it is not particularly necessary, it is not recommended to upgrade as well.
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Open Apple watch app first phone system upgrade to IOS 9, select "I watch"
 choose to download the update
 display is ready to, here only need to wait for about 30 seconds, can be, in the upgrading mode, wait a moment can be a moment.  Click to install 2
 watchOS at this time the watch will restart
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