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Watch QQ on the apple music can not be used, point into the connection is not on the iPhone, and sometimes to go for a moment on the flash back

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Re open the apple watch app, delete Apple watch and iPhone app, you can first forced to exit the apple watch app program, back to the app icon matrix interface, long press Apple watch the power button for 2 seconds, open the iPhone client app:
 if it is not normal. 3, while the App end of the iPhone process is not open (or closed). Solution.
 but if jailbreak your iPhone, don't slide any button, another minister in Apple watch the power button 2 seconds, in Apple watch software interface may always cannot Apple watch in normal operation. As long as you open the App iPhone. 2, through the jailbreak tool (non Watch App or Store Apple) to install the software, so that Watch App Apple will be able to operate normally. 4, from Watch Apple (my watch) or Store App download App directly installed to Watch Apple and iPhone, then, you will be able to normal, and so there is a sliding off the three button interface! This case is generally Watch App Apple running needs iPhone App is also in the open state of the, you will see the watch out of the Watch Apple software interface. 2, will be able to show the normal
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