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I want to buy a DELL laptop, four thousand or so to buy what type? The best is the 2G memory 250G hard core duo, alone, 14 of the screen

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This configuration of the price can only buy Lenovo also very good I just bought the G450-AT4300 you look it up on the know
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Hello, please find a professional advice, I do not have information
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Shenzhou, D1 L580t, fully in line with
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DELL Inspiron 1440DY-401B T4300 Win7 LED 14 inch widescreen notebook - 4199 yuan

 Intel Pentium T4300 speed 2.1GHz
 system bus 800MHz
 two cache 1MB
 operating system pre installed
 operating system genuine Windows or TrueLife anti glare technology
 ATI Mobility Radeon display chip HD 4330
 graphics card memory capacity 512MB
 memory the capacity of 2GB
 memory type DDR2
 800MHz huandddan Home Basic 7 speed
 model Intel
 display screen size 14 inches
 resolution 1366 x 768
 physical characteristics Gabc maximum support capacity of 8GB
 hard disk capacity 5400 rpm
 interface type SATA serial
 optical storage DVD + RW
 interface built-in
 LAN card 10/100Mbps
 wireless card Dell 1397
PC card slot 1 x Express expansion card slot
USB 3 * USB 2
 1 x VGA display port
 audio port 1 x microphone interface, 1 x audio for long short grass duo corruption of saffron from port
 speaker built-in stereo speaker
 audio input device
 pointing device touchpad
 keyboard full size keyboard
 integrated network camera
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The landlord said the price with this configuration should take into account the reality of the
 you said that this configuration with the price is not the edge of the.  to configure this I can recommend Inspiron Ling Yue 14, t6600250g, second generation 2G, 14512 alone significantly < br for short pier length acutely falsely healed some flower / > but the price is 4899 may differ in the 100 or so.  if you want this price, the configuration of the graphics card with CPU this is the most important of the two to a lot of low.
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