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The first floor of a very professional oh! Listen to him.
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NP-FR1 Li ion battery power supply; 1000 seconds; 800http. T30 shape and size, and has 2 1: about 169g; 3.1 x 24; 800http.7 million pixels.1 x 51.6 times optical zoom Leica lens, three prism 1: 50http:2650

. Nikon S6 body weight of about 140 grams; 2000 seconds.5 x 23. T30 with 3 inch 230000 picture element of LCD screen; 200http: "double anti shake function", following the T7 after a new generation of card of the king).8-F16, aperture F2; high sense of photometric quality loss is more serious

 Sony T30 by 1http. The use of focal length equivalent to the traditional 28-102mm camera 35mm.
 Nikon S6 (reference price, highest sensitivity to only ISO 400

S6 using a 1http.4 periscope 3 times optical zoom lens 5 x 60 x 21 mm.3mm, Panasonic fx01 (wide excellent). 11 sets of lens structure 9, the pixel is 230 thousand; 200http, the maximum resolution of 2816 x 2112, the size of the exterior is. Nikon S6 has a 3; O, T30 body comes with 58MB built-in storage space; 200http: mirror surface effect of the back of the body is easier to leave fingerprints.
 Panasonic fx01 (reference price. 5 inches of 618 million pixel CCD; 100/400: Kodak EasyShare V570 (reference price 0.3 3 times optical zoom Carl; humanized design is use more convenient

 shortcomings. Shutter speed of 2 - 1/500, Nikon S6 (to maintain a high quality) Nikon

 SONY T30 (reference price). The use of focal length equivalent to the traditional 35-105mm.I camera 35mm. Shutter speed: 2560 yuan)

 advantage. Cai Si lens, in which the non spherical mirror 3, the maximum aperture F3. Battery system uses lithium ion battery: 2700 yuan)

 advantages. 5 INCH CCD effective pixels 720 million; in the card machine speaking figure compared to the bloated

 Panasonic fx01 using a 1http, 20:95 * 56.5 inches 637 million pixel CCD, maximum recognition rate for 2816 x 2112. Using the focal length is equivalent to a traditional 35mm camera 38114mm:94:11http.
 other options; 100http, the use of memory stick storage; MMC card as a storage medium: no optical anti shake function: the use of plastic shell texture slightly worse.5 inch LCD screen: 80http ISO. ISO for the.0 inch LCD screen; 2:2600 yuan), the size of the exterior is; 2, and built-in Wi-Fi wireless transmission function. The shutter is 8 - 1http; 28mm wide-angle brings the open vision
 shortcomings: after Leica certified high-quality lenses; 1000; exquisite workmanship.0 inch LCD screen. Panasonic FX01 body weight of about 132 grams. ISO is 80/2. Battery system using models for the EN-EL8 lithium-ion battery; 1600. Product weight: 2400 yuan); 400/400http, the machine itself has 21MBhttp.S optical anti shake function. Using SD card as a memory card: in the image to maintain a consistent high quality Nikon. Use SD/20MB memory can store photos.0-F5.2 mm:100.8 3 and sensitivity range, Samsung I6 (reference price; high-quality 3 inch big screen

 disadvantages, maximum aperture of F3, Sony T9 (reference price.5-F4; 100http priority recommend Sony T30 (a double anti shake function
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The first floor of a very professional oh! Listen to him.
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You don't see your camera, card, the standby time is what, I recommend you several, to buy time usually add a little money will send your camera package, a battery, a large capacity card, depending on how you bargain. Remember: do not buy smuggled water machine, no after-sales. The following price is the price I have here, (Shenzhen), there will be a small difference. / / / /: effective%d%a Canon: 124g/ / section / element like Olympus X: / / / /%d%a%d%a Samsung Digimax S600 1400 yuan effective pixel: 610 million pixel optical zoom, 3 times optical zoom liquid crystal screen size: 2.4 inches / storage medium: MMC card, SD card battery: 2 x AA battery size 96.8 * 61.8 32.8mm%d%a FE-170 1170%d%a 600 megapixel optical zoom multiples: 3 times optical zoom / liquid crystal screen size: 2.5 inches / storage medium: XD picture card / battery: 2 5 AA batteries, nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery weight size: 90 x 62.5 x 30.5 mm%d%a a530 1235 pixel 500 million pixels optical zoom: 4 times optical zoom liquid crystal screen size: 1.8 inches / storage medium: MMC card, SD card battery: 2 section 5 AA battery weight...
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According to your household use do not pursue high pixel, because there is no meaning if you have photos are ordinary 4*6 photos, then 4 million pixels and 8 million pixels to wash out is the same, don't make it a fashion choice that will suffer, you will find it very fast and prices, the more pixels the camera cuts faster, after buying soon regret, because it is no longer practical fashion, is the best, not the pursuit of lithium battery, because many camera manufacturers are in the battery to make money, your battery is as bad, buy a very expensive, for the manufacturer of the trap, so can be used ordinary No. 5 battery can not be his limits, and not too much CCD, because the camera is a variety of factors, but not the pursuit of large screen display, because the camera The main power consumption is the LCD screen, the screen is too big, did not wait for you according to a phase, no electricity, wouldn't it be putting the cart before the horse, you can look at the Nikon L4 or L31000, very good use, but also very practical, gave two Nikon charging battery and charging.
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