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But if it is to the development of photography interest hobby, patted the child, it is certainly choose D3100 better, new sensor with high quality, it is recommended that the D80, used to record the family life is very easy to use, souvenirs, drawback is that CCD photosensitive device high sense of relatively poor, because the d80 shoulders screen to adjust the parameters will be convenient quickly, mainly compact body light travel burden is small, want in photography long-term investment or to see you use the camera's use, and body motor can be perfectly compatible with Nikon AF-S Series D lens. If it is home to use, to support the improvement of HD video shooting and has real-time auto focus, compared to some of the parameters of D3100 and some old technology, the light is not good when there can be a good picture quality
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18-105 good
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LZ how much money to start with?
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Landlord should be a new entry, then the lens which I most recommend 18-105, because it is a good focus, and there is a very practical anti shake. Tripod to shoot landscapes on the recommendation of 18-35, 18-70 although there are 3 ed lens color will be better, but not anti shake and practicability is greatly reduced.
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The gap between the of course everyone don't talk nonsense to D3100 or 18 - 55 of the most real, set head did not imagine many novice so bad, 80, manufacturers in deciding what kind of head as "hedging", 85 points things to sell 3000, to the most common meaning of the user, the selling of 10000 things hit 87 points, behind also have the default price symmetry principle, weight. Like all the rest of the world. That really is the manufacturers through the accumulation of many years of market experience, with the body composition "kit" together sales, meet the basic function indeed have been the first to consider the. Which often with fuselage "temperament" is supporting, not to affect your "work" means what "height" of the filming, Golden Circle did not imagine so good, match very well.  even the cheapest models. A word.  therefore, is recommended for novice on the machine with a set of head. Size. Manufacturers consider a lot of is also the principle of "matching". The so-called good horse with a good saddle. And most of the time also don't see (or don't think it is necessary to see) between the 87 points to 80 points difference, users are most likely to need the lens which, sell 1000 yuan, and to give the matching degree is "live" the sleeve head, but never so exaggerated; what kind of body.  in fact, dedicated to the design of a balanced consideration
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